Jan 132020

Best of 2019 on PulmCCM:

Keep O2 saturations at 96% or below for hospitalized patients, says expert panel

Major asthma guideline update: ICS-LABA as-needed replaces albuterol

2019 IDSA Guidelines for Community Acquired Pneumonia

Prolonged hypothermia improved neurologic outcomes after non-shockable cardiac arrests

Hospitals should not implement one-hour sepsis bundles, say SCCM and ACEP

Vitamin C reduces mortality from sepsis with ARDS in CITRIS-ALI randomized trial … ?

For most critically ill patients, a ‘starvation diet’ seems just fine (TARGET trial)

Bag-mask ventilation during intubation in ICU prevents severe hypoxemia

Inhaled steroids may not work for half of asthma patients

Former Vanderbilt nurse arrested, charged with homicide for medication error

More than 90% of sepsis deaths are unpreventable, study concludes

Beta-blockers doubled risk of hospitalization from COPD exacerbations (BLOCK-COPD)

Dexmedetomidine helpful but inadequate alone for sedation (SPICE III)

Vaping-Associated Lung Injury – Part 1

Vaping-Associated Lung Injury – Part 2

Neuromuscular blockade for ARDS was no help, in supine patients

Titrating PEEP using esophageal pressures did not improve ARDS outcomes (EPVent-2)

New guidelines on obesity hypoventilation syndrome released

Time to start using newer oral anticoagulants for DVT-PE in cancer patients?

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: Blood Pressure

Your stethoscope is covered in bacteria, and you’re cleaning it wrong

Should We Stop Trending Lactate in Septic Shock? ANDROMEDA-SHOCK Published

Proton pump inhibitors did not improve outcomes in ICUs (SUP-ICU trial)


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