Feb 262017

Dear colleagues,

Since 2012, PulmCCM has sought to bring you "all the best in pulmonary and critical care": up-to-date, useful information in our specialties, presented in the most efficient way.

To that end, I am pleased to announce a new partnership between PulmCCM and MedPage Today, the leading medical news service for health-care professionals.

This relationship will improve PulmCCM's ability to consistently bring you timely information to support your practice, based on the latest research and expert opinion.

Little will change right away, other than an increase in the number of posts and other useful content on PulmCCM, and some PulmCCM content to be posted on MedPage Today.

Within the next several weeks, MedPage Today will take over delivery of some of the weekly email newsletters. If you stop receiving the email (or don't receive it after signing up), check your spam folder and add MedPage Today to your safe senders list. The terms of use and privacy policy have also been updated.

Thank you for your ongoing readership and engagement. I welcome your ideas and feedback through this next chapter of the PulmCCM project.

All the best,






Matthew Hoffman, MD
Publisher, PulmCCM

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PulmCCM Partners With MedPage Today