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Issue #3 of PulmCCM Journal, an open-access, peer-reviewed journal in pulmonary and critical care medicine, is now available online. Click the link, or the "Journal" tab in the menu bar on PulmCCM to read the latest issue of PulmCCM Journal.

This issue's featured concise clinical review is "Who should undergo intracranial pressure monitoring in acute liver failure?" by Drs. David Rosen, Gregory Magee, and Heidi Frankel of the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California in Los Angeles. This excellent review will quickly bring you up to date with the latest knowledge and lingering controversies on this important clinical question.

We also share three case reviews and series in this issue:

  • "Spontaneous Left-Sided Cholethorax," by Drs. William Owens and Michael Sanders of the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Columbia, SC.
  •  "Pulmonary herniation," a case series and review of the literature, by Drs. Sugeet Jagpal, Chirag Patel, Gerard Reddy, and Sabiha Hussain of Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Brunswick, NJ.
  • "Massive hemoptysis from a bronchial Dieulafoy lesion," by Drs. Robert Cooper, Joseph Bonn, Fayez Rujubali, Thomas Meyer, and Leah Lande of Lankenau Medical Center in Wynnewood, PA.
About PulmCCM Journal

PulmCCM Journal was launched in September 2014, and is led by an editorial board including thought leaders from leading institutions in North America. PulmCCM Journal's mission is to provide a periodically updated library of concise clinical reviews in respiratory and critical care medicine, at no cost to readers or authors.

Articles are to be periodically updated online, with the goal of maintaining an open-access, evergreen library of current information on important clinical topics. Case reports, "journal club" reviews, and other manuscripts are also welcome. Submission guidelines can be reviewed here.

PulmCCM Journal offers authors numerous advantages over other publications:

  • No authors' publication fees;
  • Immediate exposure among the PulmCCM website's 50,000+ monthly visitors;
  • Expedited turnaround of manuscripts through the peer-review and copyediting process;
  • Future indexing in PubMed and PubMed Central (this application will be submitted after sufficient articles are available for review).

Our editorial board and I invite authors to submit your manuscripts to PulmCCM Journal using our online submission portal. For further information or assistance, please email [email protected].

I hope you enjoy issue #3 of PulmCCM Journal.

Matthew Hoffman, MD
On behalf of the PulmCCM Journal editorial board:

Daniel Brodie, MD

Michael Donahoe, MD

Heidi Frankel, MD

Peter Fedullo, MD

Erin Kross, MD

Fabien Maldonado, MD

Darlene Nelson, MD

Paul Marik, MD

Marvin Schwarz, MD

Jonathon Truwit, MD, MBA

Allan Walkey, MD, MSc

M. Elizabeth Wilcox, MD, MSc

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PulmCCM Journal Vol. 1, Issue 3 Now Available