Sep 022019

Update 9/6/19: we removed the video at Jon's request. 

Frequent PulmCCM contributor Jon-Emile Kenny is also a co-founder of the medical device start-up Flosonics Medical who (as I understand it) are working to develop and market a wearable ultrasound patch that would help direct fluid resuscitation and vasopressor use in patients in shock.

PulmCCM has no relationship with Flosonics, but Jon reached out to me to ask my opinion about posting the below video which is part of a medical innovators competition.

Jon and I both feel conflicted about it -- me because I want to help Jon out because he has been so instrumental to PulmCCM's success; Jon because he doesn't want to use this site (or FOAMed generally) for promotion of his outside commercial project. He also felt bad that no women colleagues were successfully recruited to be in the video (they were all working real jobs).

All that said--they're losing the competition! PulmCCM does not endorse any device or drug, including Flosonics'. But we do endorse Jon. If your eyeballs won't be ethically compromised, watch the video, if only to see Jon's amazing hair in HD.

(video link removed ... but it's on YouTube if you really want to see it)

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Are you ethical enough to watch this video?