Dec 292013

Best of 2013 in PulmCCM (Part 2)

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2013 brought us a bumper crop of interesting and useful journal articles. No one could read them all, much less review them, but we at PulmCCM did our best. Here are the ones we found most worth your time. Happy New Year from PulmCCM, and see you back here in 2014!

Hypothermia did not help after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, in largest study yet (NEJM)

Do colloids save lives in hypovolemic shock? (JAMA)

Low tidal volume ventilation reduces complications from abdominal surgery (NEJM)

USPSTF Recommends Lung Cancer Screening CT; Obamacare Pays

Intubation in pre-hospital cardiac arrest strongly associated with worse outcomes (JAMA)

Early tracheostomy does not improve survival or other outcomes (TracMan trial)

Blood transfusion harmful, even deadly, in some patients with GI bleeds (RCT, NEJM)

FDA warns against use of Hetastarch in ICU

In intracerebral hemorrhage, rapid blood pressure reductions were safe (INTERACT2)

Early parenteral nutrition does not improve survival (JAMA)

In COPD exacerbations, 5 days steroids seem as good as 14 (REDUCE trial)

Oral N-acetylcysteine (NAC) reduces COPD exacerbations in RCT (Chest)

Riociguat for Pulmonary Hypertension: New Kid on the Block

Overnight intensivists unnecessary in well-staffed ICUs? (Meta-analysis)

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis strongly linked to herpesvirus infection

Overdiagnosis rate with lung cancer screening CT is 18% (JAMA Int Med)


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Best of 2013 in PulmCCM (Part 2 of 2)