Dec 222013

Best of 2013 (1 of 2)

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As we wave goodbye to 2013, take another look at the studies that got people thinking and talking this past year. New posts will resume January 6 in the new year. Happy and safe holidays to all, and thanks for visiting PulmCCM in 2013!

High frequency oscillation ventilation fails as 1st-line treatment for ARDS (RCTs, NEJM)
A turn for the best? Prone positioning saves lives in ARDS trial (NEJM)
Hope floats: Fecal transplants cure >90% of recurrent C. difficile (RCT, NEJM)
How to prevent COPD exacerbations (Chest)
Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation Update (Review, NEJM)
Diuretics beat ultrafiltration at treating congestive heart failure with acute renal failure (RCT, NEJM)
What works to help people with pulmonary fibrosis feel better? (Review, Thorax)
Anti-reflux therapy no help for most with chronic cough (Chest) and Does GERD really cause chronic cough? (Chest)
Allowing families to witness CPR had positive effects (RCT, NEJM)
How dangerous are ground glass nodules over time? (Chest)
“Checking residuals” during tube feeding on mechanical ventilation: unnecessary? (JAMA)
New lung cancer prediction tool promises better use of screening CT (NEJM)
How safe is EBUS? Complication rates <1% at experienced centers (Chest)
Managing anticoagulation for surgery and invasive procedures (Review, NEJM)
Decontaminate all incoming ICU patients to reduce infections, says RCT (NEJM)


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Best of 2013 in PulmCCM (Part 1 of 2)