Jan 012018

Here are the top articles from 2017 on PulmCCM:

Meta-analysis confirms EGDT for sepsis is unhelpful and wasteful (PRISM)

Could vitamin C save lives in sepsis? These hospitals aren’t waiting for proof.

Surviving Sepsis Guidelines: A Review and Analysis

Intubation during CPR was associated with worse survival and brain health

FDA Approves Angiotensin-II for Septic Shock

Fleischner Society Guideline Update 2017: Management of Solid Pulmonary Nodules

Which position is safest for central line placement: subclavian, jugular, femoral? (3SITES)

FDA: No excess risk of asthma death from LABA/ICS inhalers; warnings removed

A Great Lecture on Applied Respiratory Physiology

Pain Control and Sedation in Mechanically Ventilated Patients: Review

In sepsis, aggressive fluid resuscitation was harmful in randomized trial

State-of-the-ART Trial: Do Recruitment Maneuvers & Higher PEEP Raise Mortality?

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: High Flow Oxygen Therapy

An Illustrated Guide to the Phases of ARDS: Implications for management

Procalcitonin Testing in Suspected Infection: Review

In ARDS, substandard ventilator care is the norm, not the exception

The Normalization Fallacy: why much of “critical care” may be neither

A Primer on the Perils of Intravenous Fluids

CDC Releases Ventilator-Associated Events Criteria

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