Jan 052015

Here are some of the biggest stories and most important published research findings in critical care and respiratory medicine for 2014. Enjoy, and subscribe to the PulmCCM weekly email newsletter to stay up to date in pulmonary and critical care.

Early goal directed therapy does not improve outcomes in septic shock (ProCESS)

Are traditional protocols for goal directed therapy for sepsis dead? (ARISE trial)

Prone positioning reduces ARDS mortality by 26%: meta-analysis

FDA approves pirfenidone (Esbriet) and nintedanib (Ofev) for IPF

Brain death equals death: says who?

Cognitive impairment after critical illness as bad as Alzheimer’s

Implantable tongue-buzzer improves obstructive sleep apnea by 70%

US Gov’t pronounces lung cancer screening the standard of care

Choosing Wisely’s five top “no-no’s” in critical care

Transfusion for hemoglobin above 7 g/dL: no benefit in septic shock (TRISS Trial)

Thrombolytics (tPA) improve intermediate risk PE outcomes, with a few head bleeds (PEITHO Trial)

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