Jan 252015

Hot off the blog-press is PulmCCM's new Educational Resources section. This exciting new endeavor will be a forum for sharing your knowledge with the world. If you've created a useful educational clinical resource, why limit your audience to your colleagues at your local institution? Increase your impact exponentially by posting your work on PulmCCM where thousands can learn and benefit.

Visit the Educational Resources Area

Please submit your teaching handouts, slide presentations, videos, and educational content in any other digital format. Submissions are subject to a licensing agreement and downloading them implies acceptance of the terms of use.

Please submit your work to [email protected]

You can also find your way to the new section by clicking "Education" in the menu above.

Over time, we hope your submissions develop into a library of free, high-quality learning materials for teaching and self-study. Thanks in advance for sharing your work to help others learn.


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PulmCCM launches new educational content section: your submissions welcome