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The Hospitalist & The Resuscitationist

April 18-19, 2018

Two awesome days in Montreal where we focus on basics, but the right basics. The key points, the key pearls, and especially, the key physiological points in managing sick people. Day 1, pretty sick people. Day 2, really sick people. Do one day, do both, whatever fits your practice and your fancy.

Short, to-the-point presentations. No endless diatribes about nonsensical p values, no big pharma-sponsored talks.

Just solid medicine. But not yesterday’s medicine. Tomorrow’s.

Come join us.

April 18th-19th, 2018
Santa Cabrini Hospital, Montreal


Denault • Farkas • Kenny • Spiegel • Rola • Fadlallah • Palumbo • Barriga • Beaubien-Souligny • Kaud • Maggio

and more...

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Conference: The Hospitalist & The Resuscitationist April 18-19