Mar 252014
May 10th and 11th (pre-congress courses on may 9th), Montreal.

Great speakers, great topics, great city, great weather (well…hopefully no snow!).

Do you know how to use ultrasound to help you diagnose or manage coma, bowel obstruction, CHF, dyspnea, swollen joints and renal failure, among other things?  No matter how good you are at the bedside, you’re not as good as you + ultrasound. None of us are. And if you take care of patients where time is of the essence, then you need to make sure your game is as good as it gets.

Mike Stone, Vicki Noble, Haney Mallemat, JF Lanctot, Michael Woo, Catherine Nix, Max Valois, Rob Chen, Edgar Hockmann, Massimiliano Meineiri, Sarah Sebbag, Alessandra Bruns, Alberto Goffi, Ashraf Fayad and Andre Denault have put together some great talks about how to add ultrasound to your approach of common clinical scenarios.

We’ve got the #FOAMed spirit, too. If you really can’t make it, all the lectures will be freely available on our website in the weeks following the symposium.

The workshops will be awesome, faculty-led and will also feature the use of simulators.

The best part is the atmosphere. It’s a great exchange among like-minded people, eager to learn form each other. I know I always come out of that weekend with my head buzzing and brimming with ideas and things I need to learn and others to put into practice.

…and if you’re an educator, then there is a pre-course you will find extremely interesting, as Catherine Nix has put together an educator’s half-day to help overcome the common hurdles faced by budding ultrasound programs at the undergraduate or post-graduate level:

CCUS US Educator May 9th program

We’re not in a huge venue, so if you’re thinking of coming, register now, there are only a handful of spots left.

looking forward to meeting you!


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CCUS Annual Symposium 2014 – only a few spots left to take your ultrasound game to a whole new level!