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Keeping up with the constant flood of new information in pulmonary & critical care medicine is almost impossible today, in the traditional way. Multiple quality journals compete for the best studies, and for your attention (and subscription). Because of this unwieldy system, we all miss important findings every month. (Subscribe to our free weekly email, and you won't.)

PulmCCM launched in 2012 as a solution to these related problems of information overload and "journal fragmentation." The mission is simple: make your life easier by helping you stay sharp and up-to-date in pulmonary & critical care in the most efficient way:

  • The "Everything Good" literature review is an online Journal Club: a stream of commentary on the most important new articles from more than 30 journals. We can't replace the value of reading the original papers, but our digest will help keep you abreast of the latest research and guide you to the sources.
  • A library of free pulmonary board review and critical care board review questions (currently under maintenance, returning soon).
  • PulmCCM Journal: an online peer-reviewed journal offering clinical reviews of topics in critical care and respiratory medicine. Please read our submission guidelines and contribute your work.

PulmCCM is an independent publication partnered with MedPage Today, unaffiliated with any of the specialty societies or medical journals referenced on the website. Advertising is handled by MedPage Today; advertisers have no influence on the editorial process or on article selection. A portion of revenues are donated to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and other antismoking efforts.

Most blog posts and board review questions on PulmCCM are not peer-reviewed, may be biased, and are written by authors without special subject matter expertise. With the limitations inherent to medical research and publishing and the ever-changing state of medical knowledge, you should not assume anything on the site is authoritative or accurate. Views expressed are solely the authors'.

Guest posts on a topic of your choosing are welcome. The comments section is offered as a forum for discussion by healthcare professionals. Use of PulmCCM constitutes your agreement with the terms of use and privacy policy.

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