Our Pulmonary & Critical Care Literature Review


PulmCCM periodically reviews pulmonary and critical care articles in the following journals, keeping an eye out for the most significant and interesting new findings:

American Journal of Resp & Crit Care Med New England Journal of Medicine
Proc of the American Thoracic Society Circulation
European Respiratory Journal Lancet
European Respiratory Review Lancet Infectious Diseases
Critical Care Medicine Clinical Infectious Diseases
Critical Care BMJ
Thorax Cochrane Database of Sys. Reviews
Seminars in Resp and Crit Care Med Annals of Thoracic Surgery
Journal of Thoracic Oncology Annals of Internal Medicine
Sleep Archives of Internal Medicine
Sleep Medicine Canadian Medical Assoc Journal
Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine Curr Opinion in Pulm Medicine
Clinics in Chest Medicine Current Opinion in Critical Care
Journal of Clinical Allergy & Immunology
Journal of Thoracic Imaging


We consider the quality and significance of each article, asking simply: is knowing about this worth your valuable time and attention? If the answer is "yes," it makes it onto the site and into a weekly email update. We believe this is the most thorough and unbiased pulmonary and critical care review available today. Best of all, it's free.