Educational Resources in Pulmonary & Critical Care


If you've created a useful educational clinical resource, why limit your audience to your colleagues at your local institution? Increase your impact exponentially by posting your work on PulmCCM where thousands can learn and benefit.

Teaching handouts, slide presentations, videos, and any other digital formats are welcome here. Manuscripts (journal articles) should be submitted to PulmCCM Journal.

Email your work to [email protected], including your name and how you'd like to be cited. After it passes a quality review, it will be posted for viewing by PulmCCM's 60,000 monthly visitors and 18,000 weekly email subscribers.

The PulmCCM terms of use and licensing agreement apply to content viewed, downloaded, or shared (abridged version: you retain copyright but provide a license for sharing). Please remove any copyrighted material, including journal logos or mastheads, from submissions. Kudos and thanks to Jon-Emile Kenny whose contribution of his critical care board review notes inspired this new offering on PulmCCM.


PulmCCM Clinical Resources:

Critical Care Board Review Guide by Jon-Emile Kenny

SICU Basic Training Video (Part 1)

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Educational Resources in Pulmonary & Critical Care