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Disclosures, Conflicts, and Generalized Angst


After more than a year of satisfying but unpaid work to build the website and its audience, PulmCCM Central started accepting advertising in June 2012. Our goal is to remain viable without allowing financial interests to make us biased, bashful, or just plain boring.

All the advertising is sold and posted on the site through a third-party broker called eHealthcare Solutions. I have no direct relationship (financial or otherwise) with any advertiser; I become aware of new ads only when, like you, I see them on the site myself. Advertisers have no influence on editorial content. A portion of advertising revenues are being donated to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

Here are the products / companies I have seen advertised on the site so far:

  • Daliresp (roflumilast)
  • Samsca (tolvaptan)
  • SonoSite

Disclosing potential financial conflicts does not eliminate them, and in my opinion, no one can accurately identify their biases (that's why they're called biases). It will ultimately be up to you to decide whether PulmCCM Central in the post-advertising era remains "objective," relevant and useful.

On that note, THANK YOU all for your support in helping the project succeed to this point, and in the future.



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