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Apr 032014
FDA warns against doripenem (Doribax) for ventilator-associated pneumonia

FDA Warning on Doripenem (Doribax) for VAP In March 2014, the FDA issued a warning statement against Doribax (doripenem) for ventilator associated pneumonia, saying: Doribax carries an increased risk of death and lower clinical cure rates compared to use of imipenem and cilastatin … Doribax is not approved to treat any type of pneumonia. (Doripenem is approved [… read more]

Mar 252014

May 10th and 11th (pre-congress courses on may 9th), Montreal. Great speakers, great topics, great city, great weather (well…hopefully no snow!). Do you know how to use ultrasound to help you diagnose or manage coma, bowel obstruction, CHF, dyspnea, swollen joints and renal failure, among other things?  No matter how good you are at the [… read more]

Sep 122013
Join Us at the 2013 Pittsburgh International Lung Conference

We are quickly approaching the 2013 Pittsburgh International Lung Conference on October 17-18, 2013. The theme, “Acute and Chronic Lung Infections: Novel Pathogens, Diagnostics, and Therapeutics aims to describe and discuss the latest clinical and research advances as they apply to respiratory infections by bringing together leading regional, national, and international experts in the field. [… read more]

Sep 052013

Following “Surviving Sepsis” Guidelines Not Always the Best Care By Dr. Philippe Rola First of all, I would like to commend those involved in the Surviving Sepsis Campaign’s Guidelines. It is a tremendous endeavour that, without a doubt, has heightened awareness and their growing implementation has and will save many lives. I would, however, also [… read more]

Jun 152013
Thanks to everyone for your help.

The PulmCCM “Wall of Fame” THANKS to all of you who supported PulmCCM during the successful campaign to raise funding for development of high-quality iPhone and Android mobile apps. I really appreciate each and every one of your help (in chronological order): Anonymous Manish Aggarwal Lewis Satterwhite Robert Deutsch Mehdi Shelhamer Manuel Figueroa Mark Bloore [… read more]

Mar 312013
A New Way to Share: PulmCCM on Doximity

PulmCCM Debuts the New “Doximity Button” Are you on Doximity yet? It’s the brainchild of Internet health-tech visionary Nate Gross and the founders of Epocrates. It’s been called “Facebook for doctors,” but Doximity is more than that. It’s a protected, HIPAA-compliant online environment for physicians to communicate securely, and has the potential to change how we [… read more]

Sep 022012

Definition of Severe Sepsis by the Surviving Sepsis Guidelines Severe sepsis is sepsis (known or suspected infection with systemic manifestations of sepsis) along with sepsis-related tissue hypoperfusion or organ dysfunction. Organ dysfunction or tissue hypoperfusion are defined by the Surviving Sepsis Campaign as any of the below signs or findings: Signs of Severe Sepsis: Organ [… read more]