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Nov 302012

For those of you early adopters who downloaded version 1.0 of the PulmCCM App last month, only to have it crash, my apologies. You didn't know it (and neither did I), but you were the "beta testers."

The PulmCCM app has been upgraded and (slightly) improved, and version 1.2 is now available for free in the Apple iTunes store. (Sorry, no Android version yet.)

Features include:

  • Save a thumb-click or two to get to the information you want, compared to using a browser.
  • Share articles a little easier with Facebook, Twitter, text message, etc than on the mobile site.
  • Otherwise, the experience is pretty similar to the mobile version of PulmCCM.org.

There are still a few quirks being worked out -- there's no landscape view yet, for example. And of course there are the inevitable pop-up ads ... coming soon.

Download it today! It makes a great holiday gift -- just sneak off with your loved one's phone and enter their iTunes password.

To those who downloaded version 1.0, thanks for your patience. If you update in the App Store, the new version should download. I welcome your suggestions or feedback about the app at .

Get the PulmCCM App for iPhone

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  7 Responses to “PulmCCM App for iPhone Launches! (Again)”

  1. Could you make it also available on Canadian AppStore? Thanks!

  2. Hi Frank! Apple’s admin page says the app available in all countries, including Canada. Not sure what the problem is but I’ll send an email to Apple… thanks for writing.

  3. Any thoughts on an iPad version?

  4. The app keeps saying there is an error “fetching” data. This happened on the earlier version as well. Are you aware of this issue and are there plans to correct the problem? This app had tremendous value to my practice.

    • Hi David. I’m sorry, the app has crashed again. Every time the developer has issued an update, there’s been a new problem. I feel very unhappy about this and am working to come up with a permanent solution. I’ll post something when the app is working right again. I don’t know when that will be, sorry for the inconvenience.