Aug 112012

When it comes to airway management skills, muscle memory rules, and there's no substitute for hands-on experience. But in between intubations and endotracheal tube changes, what's the best way to bolster your skills and knowledge base? Reading textbooks and journal articles provides truthful information, but I suspect it gets filed away and stashed in your cortical archives somewhere above the Krebs cycle, and way beneath your Gmail password -- far away from the motor-knowledge part of your brain that you need to activate to quickly and safely secure an airway.

So hats off to Chris Nickson and the folks at Life in the Fast Lane, for creating a compendium of video and high-yield Web resources to help round out your physical airway skills with additional techniques, perspectives, and expert advice.

In addition to a review of the basics of preoxygenation, positioning, etc., they have videos demonstrating techniques of bougie placement, LMA intubation, and needle cricothyrotomy.

Anesthesiologists with thousands of intubations under their belt may find much of it familiar, but almost all pulmonologist-intensivists, emergency medicine docs, and anyone who needs to intubate patients occasionally, yet perfectly, will find something to learn here.

Intubation and Airway Management Review (LITFL)

Here's one of the highlights, on bougie placement:

Difficulty Passing the Bougie from HQMedEd on Vimeo.

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Intubation & Airway Management Review (LITFL)