Inferior vena cava filters for acute PE and DVT (ACCP Guidelines) - PulmCCM
Apr 282012

The content here previously has been removed at the request of the American College of Chest Physicians.

For the ACCP’s Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management of DVT/PE/VTE, 9th edition, please visit the ACCP’s web site.

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  2 Responses to “Inferior vena cava filters for acute PE and DVT (ACCP Guidelines)”

  1. Any recommendations when to take one out
    Ie, a healthy 60 yo male with DVT from popliteal thru entire femoral into iliac vein with massive PE but no pulmonary hypertension. IVC placed to avoid further clot burden. Pt now 2 wks out stable on Coumadin but with recurrent DVT and positive factor V Leiden? Was put on Testosterone injections 3 mos prior

  2. 64 year old, pelvic injury post RTA. 12 days developed massive DVT with bilateral pulmonary trunk PE and right heart strain. IVC filter is inserted to prevent further PE and at the same heparin anticoagulantion. Please share your view on IVC filter placement in this case? When do you recommend that the filter be removed?

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