Apr 142012

We have our hands full at PulmCCM Central just keeping up with the best published literature in pulmonary and critical care medicine. Somehow, the folks at NYU manage to vet the much larger volume of literature published in internal medicine, and offer it in a user-friendly review in their Clinical Correlations blog.

Clinical Correlations is overseen by NYU's medicine faculty, who have a formal peer review process for content published on the blog. They have a similar quality and accomplish about the same thing as the pay-subscription Journal Watch in my opinion, but with one big difference: it's free. Clinical Correlations have managed to pick up a few well-deserved awards for best medical blog, etc. over the past several years they've been working at it.

If you want to stay on top of the internal medicine literature, we recommend checking out Clinical Correlations and signing up for their email newsletter.

Clinical Correlations, The NYU Langone Internal Medicine Blog -- A Daily Dose of Medicine.

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NYU’s Clinical Correlations: a great internal medicine review